The Beginning

How I miss writing notes of my journeys!
Not just a physical journey, but also a mental and an emotional one. I used to write diary when I was a kid and I remember how it made me smile when I read it again page by page. After many years, I don't feel any significant change in me. Perhaps my way of thinking has been evolving into a better direction, but my idealism hasn't changed a bit. 

During my childhood and young adulthood, I was not interested in photography. How I have missed many great moments! If I would knew what I have known now, I might have had lots of photographs that showed correlation of my writing on those diaries. A picture can speak thousand words, especially pictures that have emotional connection on it.

Although it's been ages since I wrote my last diary, but I still believe by writing one could help us contemplating our own evolution. Now, as I have a new method to combine pictures and writings, I find a better way to get deeper into my own contemplation.  

I begin my journal with this picture. This sad bird reminds me of how I was, when I almost lost my self-identity. Slowly, after two years I photographed it, I was able to find myself again. It was tough moment, being able to get up on your feet and started your life from zero. But I would never regret my decision to break myself free from an abusive marriage life.