On superficial things

We live in a world where feelings and emotions are slowly considered as an abbreviated piece of nothing.
Someone's shiny cars, big houses, expensive clothes or someone's high ranks are more noticeable than someone's genuine friendly smile. Our current society become more shallow and judge others based only on outward surface. The warmth heart of people that we met in a short time are easily to be forgotten. We are slowly loosing our deepness.

Good things in life aren't necessary to be expensive. Look around us. There are so many positive vibrant out there, ready to be discovered with our open heart.
Truly good friends, genuine friendly smile from strangers, children's laughter, beautiful voice from street musicians, couples who fall in love .. and many more, these are the things that could fill our heart with joy and happiness.

Be optimistic and think positive, so that good things and good people will be drawn to us.

The Wall's Victims

Jörg Hartmann, 10, shot 14.03.1966
Dieter Brandes, 19, shot 09.06.1965, died 11.01.1966
Heinz Schöneberger, 27, shot 26.12.1965
Erich Kühn, 62, shot 26.11.1965, died 03.12.1965

"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life." ~ Bob Marley

What price would you be willing to pay for a taste of freedom ?
Some people would rather be waiting in their comfort zone until the freedom miraculously comes to them. But some, they would fight and risk their own life.
The names above were some of the victims of the Cold War at the Berlin Wall. As the announcers mentioned each name one by one, my mind could not help imagining how horrible the situation at that time. These were brave men. They would rather die trying than live as a prisoner.
I pay my tribute to them.

The Beginning

How I miss writing notes of my journeys!
Not just a physical journey, but also a mental and an emotional one. I used to write diary when I was a kid and I remember how it made me smile when I read it again page by page. After many years, I don't feel any significant change in me. Perhaps my way of thinking has been evolving into a better direction, but my idealism hasn't changed a bit. 

During my childhood and young adulthood, I was not interested in photography. How I have missed many great moments! If I would knew what I have known now, I might have had lots of photographs that showed correlation of my writing on those diaries. A picture can speak thousand words, especially pictures that have emotional connection on it.

Although it's been ages since I wrote my last diary, but I still believe by writing one could help us contemplating our own evolution. Now, as I have a new method to combine pictures and writings, I find a better way to get deeper into my own contemplation.  

I begin my journal with this picture. This sad bird reminds me of how I was, when I almost lost my self-identity. Slowly, after two years I photographed it, I was able to find myself again. It was tough moment, being able to get up on your feet and started your life from zero. But I would never regret my decision to break myself free from an abusive marriage life.